It’s ALWAYS the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Hello out there!  My name is Sally.  I am a mommy, a wife, and a teacher.  I am also a lover of holidays.  I love holiday decorations, I love holiday treats, I love dressing up for holidays, I love doing special activities for holidays, I love holiday traditions… I just love holidays!  Big, small, serious, silly… I love them all!  They make me happy.  I try to integrate holiday celebrations into our life as a family and into my classroom at school.  I believe seasonal and holiday activities add bright spots to life all throughout the year.  There is always something new to look forward to on the calendar!  With this blog, I hope to share my excitement for celebrating holidays and seasons with you through recipes, crafts, lesson plans, activities, traditions, decorations… and more!  Check back each week for fun new ideas.  Regardless of what holiday or season is coming up next, it always can be the most wonderful time of the year.

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