Carpe Turkey! Don’t Forget Thanksgiving…

Christmas and Shopping: Two of the things I love most in the world.  However, there is one day I refuse to do either one: Thanksgiving.  I’ll admit, even though I do love dressing and other Thanksgiving foods, it has never been my most favorite holiday.  However, it serves an important purpose and still deserves its rightful place on the calendar.  We have so much for which to be thankful.  And besides, Thanksgiving provides a day full of delicious anticipation before the Christmas season begins!  So that’s why in our house, Christmas can’t start until Thanksgiving is over.

Every year on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I load up the iPod with Christmas music and install it in the car… where it remains silent.  I’m always tempted to play a Christmas tune or two but I always stop myself.  NOT YET!  Then, on Thanksgiving Day we head over the river and through the woods to our various Thanksgiving meals.  Finally, at the end of the long day, we waddle to the car, stuffed with turkey, dressing, and Thanksgiving treats.  We snuggle into the car, start up the iPod, and head home with the magical first notes of Christmas music ringing in our ears.  Only then, after the last crumb of pumpkin pie has been eaten, can the Christmas season begin.  I think it makes finally getting to hear those Christmas tunes even more special.

Then on Black Friday, we don’t rush out to the malls like everyone else.  Instead, we stay in our cozy house all day getting out boxes and boxes… (and boxes) of Christmas decorations.  It’s exhausting hard work, but it’s the perfect way to work off all the Thanksgiving food!  By the end of the holiday weekend, the house has been transformed from fall to a Christmas wonderland!

So this year, consider giving Thanksgiving a try.  Save the carols, save the trees, save the lights for just one more day.  (Even if it is just to make the start of Christmas that much more special.)  Giving thanks deserves its own day and makes the perfect gateway to the Christmas season!

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