December Author of the Month: Laura Numeroff

Hard to believe it’s December already!  Time for this month’s Author of the Month.  Laura Numeroff is my pick for December.  She is the author of the wonderful If You Give a Mouse a Cookie series.  Her books are great for the busy, hectic, crazy month of December because they are quick, simple, funny, and engaging enough to grab those little attention spans distracted by visions of sugar plums this time of year.  There is even a Christmas themed book in the series: If You Take a Mouse to the Movies.

Laura Numeroff Books

Laura Numeroff Books

The books are so much fun to read aloud, and they are repetitive and predictable enough that kids reading at just about any level can read them on their own without frustration.  They are great for teaching about cause and effect.  Kids can even write their own cause and effect stories based on Laura Numeroff’s books.  Her books also provide opportunities to make treats that go along with them: cookies, donuts, muffins, cupcakes, etc.  And everyone needs more treats in December, right???

Have fun reading!  And remember, if you read a kid a Laura Numeroff book… he or she will probably want to read another one!

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