Ode to Santa Mouse

And now to share with you what is probably my most cherished tradition of all:  Santa Mouse.  While not as widely known, Santa Mouse has been around for a lot longer than the Elf on the Shelf.  And he’s much less creepy in my opinion!  Our Santa Mouse traditions stem from the books Santa MouseSanta Mouse Where Are You, and Santa Mouse Meets Marmaduke by Michael Brown.  Without a doubt, they are my most favorite Christmas books to read.  Sadly, they are hard to find – they go in and out of print.  But if you are ever lucky enough to fin them, snap them up immediately!

Sant Mouse

Santa Mouse

They are the delightful stories about Santa’s little helper, Santa Mouse.  The stories explain how Santa Mouse came to be, how he ties his packages with yellow ribbon, how he leaves tiny gifts in the branches of the Christmas tree, and how you need to put a yellow light at the top of your tree if you want him to visit you.

These tidbits from the Santa Mouse books have become an integral part to our Christmas over the years.  As the books say,” Santa Mouse is Santa’s helper, he goes with him ev’ry year, and it really isn’t Christmas unless both of them appear.”  Every year our tree has special yellow lights at the top just for Santa Mouse.  After years of receiving special gifts from Santa Mouse, last year was our daughter’s first Christmas and my first chance to wrap a package tied with yellow ribbon myself.  I must admit that I got a bit choked up buying a big spool of yellow ribbon at the party store to carry on this special tradition for our own Christmas baby.

So this year, tell your kids about Santa Mouse.  Read them the books if you can.  Encourage them to leave a piece of cheese for Santa Mouse out with their cookies for Santa.  Who knows?  You may find a tiny gift tied with yellow ribbon in the branches of your tree on Christmas morning!

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