Winter Olympics

Olympic Fever anyone?!?!  I have always loved the Olympics, especially the Winter Olympics.  When I was little, I even held Barbie Olympics for my dolls complete with medals made of gold, silver, and bronze sequins.  Such fun memories!  In fact, there are so many fun activities that go along with the Olympics:

  • Read Koala Lou by Mem Fox.  This is more of a summer Olympics story, but I never pass up any opportunity to read this darling story about a koala who enters the Olympics to impress her mom.
  • Make torches using toilet paper rolls for the torches and tissue paper for the flames.
  • Make flags out of construction paper.  They can be very simple.  For example, for the French flag, just get a 9″x12″ piece of white construction paper and glue a 4″x9″ piece of blue construction paper on one end and then a 4″x9″ piece of red construction paper on the other.  Voila!  A French flag!  This same format also works for several other countries with their own colors.  Have kids march along while holding their flags while playing the Olympic music by John Williams.  Instant Parade of Nations!!
  • Use paper plates as skates on carpet.  Just put them down, step on the plates, and skate around.  They slide along beautifully!
  • Make medals or find medals stickers for kids to wear.



These are just a few ideas.  I’m sure you can come up with others as well.  The Winter Olympics can make winter fun for everyone!

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