March Author of the Month: Marcus Pfister

A new month means a new Author of the Month.  My pick for March is Marcus Pfister.  He is probably best know for his Rainbow Fish books, but all of his books are wonderful!

One activity I like to do with all of my Authors of the Month is have the kids write letters to them at the end of each month.  (I usually just find the addresses to the publishing companies and send the letters there.  Some authors have websites with email links as well.)  Responses to the kids’ letters usually range from nothing to a form newsletter to ads promoting the author’s next new book.  Hands down though the best response we ever received was from Marcus Pfister.  The kids got a handwritten note with a pencil drawing of the Rainbow Fish on it.  They were thrilled and it made me appreciate his books even more.

Here are some other activities for you to try with his books:

  • Rainbow Fish Books – Talk about caring and sharing.  Use the stories to spark interest in a springtime service learning project.  It’s also fun to make rainbow fish.  Just get paper plates and add fin and tail shapes.  Then cover them with scraps of blue, purple, green, and sparkly silver paper.  Enjoy!
  • Hopper Books – Perfect for discussing the change of seasons from winter to spring.  Also great for learning about animal adaptations for different environments.
  • Penguin Pete Books – Great for wrapping up winter or introducing a study of animal habitats, which we often taught in the spring anyway.  (By the way – Rainbow Fish books work well with ocean habitats and Hopper books work well with arctic or forest habitats.)

All of Marcus Pfister’s books make great inspirations for character sketches, and all have wonderful lessons about being yourself and getting along with others – important reminders for antsy kiddos in March as the school year enters the home stretch!

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