All I Want for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up, so here are some thoughts in case you need ideas for what to get your mother.  What I want most for Mother’s Day is… to be a mommy!  I know lots of moms want to get an escape from the kids and the daily grind and have alone time at a spa to be pampered on Mother’s Day, but that just isn’t me.  I just want to be with the person who made me a mommy.  It may sound strange, but to me Mother’s Day is every bit as much about celebrating our daughter as it is about celebrating being her mommy.  Honestly, all I want to do on Mother’s Day, all I ever dreamed about doing on Mother’s Day during our long wait to become parents, and all I will ever want to do on Mother’s Day is to spend the day basking in the wonder that is our precious daughter and the amazing gift that I am lucky enough to be her mommy.  Being together as a family is the best present I could ever ask for.

Ok, and brunch.  And cupcakes.  And throw in some flowers for good measure.  As long as we get to spend time together with all of those other things added in, I’m happy!

Our newly minted Mother’s Day traditions start with brunch after church for my mom as we have done for many years.  To add my own spin on the celebration when I became a mommy, I decided I wanted to go pick out our annual flowers after our brunch each year.  It works out really well – around here, Mother’s Day is traditionally the day that it’s safe to plant annuals after the threat of frost has passed (although who knows this year after the winter of 2014 that won’t seem to end!).  So going on a flower shopping spree is timed perfectly.  Going home with a trunk full of flowers makes me happy.  It’s the prettiest the trunk looks all year!

Trunk Full of Flowers!

Trunk Full of Flowers!

I ask for a special new flower pot as a gift each year in which to put some of the flowers.  My hope is that in future years our daughter can decorate a flower pot for me herself.

Mother's Day Flower Pot

Mother’s Day Flower Pot

Then we end the day with cupcakes from my favorite cupcake bakery.

So that’s it – my simple Mother’s Day wish: brunch, flowers, cupcakes, and family time.  It’s the best celebration of mommyhood I can imagine!

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