May Author of the Month: Mem Fox

It’s hard to believe it’s time for the May Author of the Month  – the last of the school year!  Mem Fox is my pick for May.  Some of her books are geared toward younger kids or babies (and they are wonderful too!) but that’s ok since May is such a busy month and may require a shorter than usual author study.  Her books are so perfect for May because they work well with both Mother’s Day and end of the school year activities.  A word of warning though – some of her books are tearjerkers so practice reading them ahead of time!

For Mother’s Day I like Harriet, You’ll Drive Me Wild and Koala Lou (see my post about the Olympics for more information on Koala Lou) – 2 sweet and funny looks at mother/child relationships.  Harriet, You’ll Drive Me Wild also works well to remind kids about using self control and following classroom rules just when they think they can’t possibly sit still for another minute of school before summer vacation begins.

For more end of the school year activities I like Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge.  It’s all about memories.  Have kids make memory books or write top ten lists about the school year after reading the book.

So there you have it, a whole school year of Author of the Month activities.  I must say, I always felt that doing Author of the Month was one of the most valuable experiences of the school year.  I hope you are able to integrate author studies into your classroom or your home activities in some way.  It’s a great way to inspire new readers to become enthusiastic lifelong readers!

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