Back to School Party

A bunch of kids around here went back to school today, so this idea might be a little late, but I thought I’d share anyway.  This is the perfect time of year for a back to school party!

When I started kindergarten, my mom had several of the neighborhood kids who would also be starting school with me over for a little party a few days before school started.  I still remember how much fun the party was and how it made the start of school even more exciting!  It’s a great way to help kids get acquainted or reacquainted with their classmates before school starts and maybe alleviate some of the pre first day of school jitters.  I think it would be fun for any age – not just kindergarteners.  It would even give older kids a chance to compare schedules and find out about the really important things – who has lunch at the same time as you do and who has a locker close to yours!

There are lots of neat possibilities for party decorations with a school theme.  My mom used these darling crayon glasses way back when.

Crayon Glasses

Crayon Glasses

If you don’t have anything like these, you could always wrap paper around glasses and decorate them to look like crayons.  You could put all kinds of school supplies on the tables as decorations too – crayons, pencils, rulers, erasers, etc.  And be sure to use bright primary colored plates and napkins to go with the school theme.  You could even get some folders and notebooks and have kids decorate them for a fun party activity.

As we move into August, you have just enough time to plan a back to school party.  Whether your kids start school soon or have already started, a little get together would be lots of fun for them and their friends.

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