Adoption Day!

One of the most special days of the year in our family is coming up – Adoption Day!  This is the anniversary of the day we went to court to finalize our daughter’s adoption.

On that wonderful day two years ago, we got all dressed up and headed to the courthouse.  While we were waiting in the hall outside of the courtroom, a random lawyer walked by and asked us with a smile if we were there to finalize an adoption.  When we said yes, he laughed and said he figured as much since our baby didn’t look like a hardened criminal.  We told him that she was guilty of stealing our hearts, and two years later she still is!  Inside the courtroom we promised the judge to love her, care for her, and provide for her.  Her grandparents promised the judge to spoil her.  And just like that, she became ours forever.  It was truly one of the most wonderful moments of our lives.  We went out to The Cheesecake Factory after the court meeting to celebrate.

So now when Adoption Day rolls around, we remember the special day by reading our daughter her “Angel Baby” book we made her about her adoption.   We also are sure to eat cheesecake!  Last year since she was still so little, we just made mini cheesecakes and had various toppings for people to add to them.  Kind of a cheesecake bar (which, by the way, would work really well for any kind of party or celebration!).

Adoption Day Cheesecake Party

Adoption Day Cheesecake Party

This year though, now that our daughter has developed a love of eating out, we plan to heat back to The Cheesecake Factory again to commemorate this very big even in our lives.

Even though this is a fairly new annual tradition for us, it has quickly become one of our favorite celebrations of the year.  We hope it is as special to our little one someday as it is to us.

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