Fall Fridge Art

I like to do a craft each month with our two year old to display on the fridge.  She is so little, but I still look forward to doing the projects with her each month.  For September, I had planned to trace her hand on brown construction paper to make a tree, glue it to light blue paper for a background, and then have her make red, orange, yellow, and green leaves by dotting her fingers in paint and making prints on the tree.  We have done similar crafts in the past, so I was sure she would love it.

I was wrong.  She definitely has her own opinions about art (and everything else too!) lately, and she would have no part of the tracing or the dotting.  Instead she has entered what Picasso would probably call her “Chopping Period.”  She recently discovered my collection of paper punches, and now all she ever wants to do is “chop” paper with them which creates hours of fun in our art room and a very messy art room floor.

So I decided to go with it.  Since I had already lost the battle anyway, I figured it was more important that the September fridge art showcase her artistic taste rather than my neat little plan.  I cut out a tree shape from brown construction paper and glued it to the light blue background.  Then I scraped all of the various shapes she had so carefully “chopped” off of the art room floor, and we glued them to the tree as leaves and apples.  We had fun, and she loves her fall tree on the fridge.  I like it even better than my original plan because it is much more representative of her, my baby Picasso.

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