Halloween Candy Brooms

Even if you don’t go trick-or-treating anymore, everyone still needs a little treat at Halloween.  ‘Tis the season for treats, after all!  This little Halloween broom is a simple and cute treat holder you can make for trick-or-treaters (or non-trick-or-treaters) of all ages.

First, get your favorite candy – mine would be something chocolate!  Put it into a little clear plastic treat bag.  Put a wooden stick like you might use to make caramel apples down the center of the bag.  Wrap clear scotch tape VERY TIGHTLY around the top of the bag until the stick is secure and doesn’t slip as it sticks out the top of the bag.  Then take a brown paper lunch sack and cut it into about 3 inch thick strips.  Cut the bag strips into fringe.  Put double stick tape on the top edge of a fringe strip and wrap the fringed piece around the treat bag and stick – making sure that the double stick tape adheres well to the plastic bag.  Finish it off with some ribbon and a cute Halloween stamped image on a tag.

Candy Broom

Candy Broom

Pass your broom treat bags out to your friends and wish them happy trick-or-treating, even if that’s all the trick-or-treating they will be doing this Halloween!

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