Monthly Archives: November 2014

Hanging Christmas Cards

One of my favorite Christmas decorations in our house is actually one of the most simple.  We always hang samples of our Christmas cards and Christmas party invitations from past years in our art room.  It couldn’t be easier to set up – just don’t forget to save at least one sample of your Christmas cards each year.  We hang them from some wires with clips we got at IKEA a few years ago.  They look really cute, and the cards are already perfect for Christmas decorations with their red and green color schemes and pictures of Rudolph, gingerbread men, candy canes, ornaments, etc.  It’s the perfect decoration for our art room since each we always make our own cards.  It’s also fun to go on a walk down memory lane each year just by looking at the cards hanging on the walls.

Thanksgiving Night is Going to the Dogs – and the Legos

We have a rather unique tradition on Thanksgiving night.  It involves Legos and dogs rather than football and leftovers.  Several years ago, Lego put out a Christmas village set.  We love Legos, so we were thrilled to get it.  The only question was when to assemble out new Christmas Lego creation.  We needed it done in time for Black Friday when we stay home to decorate for Christmas instead of heading out to the malls, but we were too busy leading up to Thanksgiving to find a free evening for building…  The answer?  Thanksgiving night!  It was a perfect way to cozy up and put a nice cap on a busy day of feasting.

While we were building that first year, we turned on our TV and happened upon the National Dog Show while channel surfing.  We don’t have dogs ourselves, but we got a huge kick out of watching it.  And a new tradition was born.

So this Thanksgiving night we will once again be curled up in front of the TV watching dogs run around in circles while putting our latest piece of the Lego Christmas village together, just as I’m sure the Pilgrims intended back in 1621 when they had the first Thanksgiving celebration.

Family Hand Turkey

According to my husband, the hand turkey is a staple of any good Thanksgiving.  This year I was excited to find a new idea on Pinterest that made our daughter’s annual hand turkey extra special: the family hand turkey!

Start by tracing your child’s or children’s hands.  Then trace the parents’ hands.  Cut each person’s traced hand out of a different color of construction paper.  Arrange the hand shapes in order from smallest to largest and glue them on top of one another so that each layer peeks out from behind the one in front.  Add a turkey body and face.  The end result is the the sweetest hand turkey ever.  I love it so much because it highlights the most important part of Thanksgiving for me – being together and giving thanks for my precious family.

November Card of the Month: Patchwork Thank You Card

It seemed appropriate that November’s Card of the Month should be a thank you card with Thanksgiving coming up and all.  I have made bunches of thank you cards over the years, but this one is one of my favorites.

I started by making a patchwork background.  This is so much fun to do.  It’s also a great way to use up old paper scraps.  Get a bunch of coordinating printed papers and cut them into squares.  Glue the squares onto a plain sheet of paper.  Then cut whatever shape you would like for the card.  Add a cute coordinating picture stamp as well as a “thank you” stamp.  There you have it – a cute thank you card for thank you month.

Grateful Books

It’s November!  Thanksgiving month!  Over the last few years there has been a trend to post things for which you are grateful on Facebook during November.  It’s always fun to see what people list.  However, I would like to take it a bit farther – through the month of November and beyond!

Several years ago I started keeping a “grateful book.”  It’s a little book (any cute little book will work) that I keep in my bedside table drawer, and each night before I go to bed I jot down at least 5 things for which I am grateful that day.  Some of the things are big – like my husband and daughter.  Some of the things are small – like pretty weather or having ice cream for a treat that day.  Some days I’m so sleepy when I write in my grateful book that I can’t read what I wrote the next day.  Some days are so miserable, unfortunately, I can only think of a couple things to write.  (Luckily those days are few and far between!)  On the other hand, some days are so fabulous that I could fill up a whole page!  The important thing is that knowing i need to find things to write in my grateful book at night helps me remember to look for things to enjoy during the day, and that makes each day happier!

Being grateful in November is wonderful, but I’m so glad I get to do it all year long.