Thanksgiving Night is Going to the Dogs – and the Legos

We have a rather unique tradition on Thanksgiving night.  It involves Legos and dogs rather than football and leftovers.  Several years ago, Lego put out a Christmas village set.  We love Legos, so we were thrilled to get it.  The only question was when to assemble out new Christmas Lego creation.  We needed it done in time for Black Friday when we stay home to decorate for Christmas instead of heading out to the malls, but we were too busy leading up to Thanksgiving to find a free evening for building…  The answer?  Thanksgiving night!  It was a perfect way to cozy up and put a nice cap on a busy day of feasting.

While we were building that first year, we turned on our TV and happened upon the National Dog Show while channel surfing.  We don’t have dogs ourselves, but we got a huge kick out of watching it.  And a new tradition was born.

So this Thanksgiving night we will once again be curled up in front of the TV watching dogs run around in circles while putting our latest piece of the Lego Christmas village together, just as I’m sure the Pilgrims intended back in 1621 when they had the first Thanksgiving celebration.

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