Craft Stick Manger Scene

In our Jr. Kindergarten classroom, the theme for December is construction.  We learn about simple machines, tools, making blueprints, and building gingerbread houses.  So when I found this darling craft stick manger scene craft on Pinterest, we decided we should also build stables as part of our construction unit.

For the stable you will need 5 big (REALLY BIG – like 7 1/2 to 8 inches) craft sticks.  Glue them in the shape of the outline of a stable.  Then get 7 tongue depressor sized craft sticks (I think they are usually referred to as “jumbo” or “large” – they are around 6 inches) for the people.  Cut one in half – one half will be Baby Jesus and the other half will be the angel.  Paint “clothes” on the people sticks.  Leave the areas for the faces unpainted.  Draw the faces on the sticks and give the people “accessories” – jewels for the wise men, yarn headbands for Mary, Joseph, and the shepherd, and a sparkly pipe cleaner for the angel’s halo.  Glue all the people in their places on the stable.  Glue dot eyes and mouth on a cotton ball to make a lamb, and glue it to the stable too.  Finish it off by gluing some straw at the bottom.  You will end up with a very special decoration to keep for years.

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