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Groundhog Day Craft

In my opinion, Groundhog Day is one of the most absurd holidays out there.  However, it is also one of the most fun holidays to celebrate with children.  And it’s coming up soon!  This craft my mom invented years ago is my favorite Groundhog Day activity.  Kids can act out Groundhog Day by sticking the groundhog puppet up out of the hole.  On one side, if the puppet sees its shadow, it can scurry back underground.  On the other side, if it doesn’t see its shadow, the puppet can dance around enjoying spring weather.  It’s actually very simple to make too!

Groundhog Day Craft - Puppet

Groundhog Day Craft – Puppet

First, make your groundhog puppet.  Cut out a groundhog shape from brown construction paper.  Draw a face on it and glue it to a popsicle stick.

For the ground, get a big piece of white construction paper and fold it in half.  Cut a curved slit large enough for the puppet to fit through on the fold.  On one side draw grass or flowers to show signs of spring peeking through the snow.

Groundhog Day Craft - Spring

Groundhog Day Craft – Spring

On the other side make a groundhog shadow for winter.  Trace the groundhog puppet on black construction paper.  Glue it down so it is touching the curved slit on the fold.  Trim it to match the edge of the curved slit.

Groundhog Day Craft - Shadow

Groundhog Day Craft – Shadow

The best part of this project is that kids can act out Groundhog Day again and again with the little puppet.

Snow Globe Craft

Winter may be long and cold, but there’s no reason it can’t be cute too!  I made this darling snow globe with our daughter last year.  Having it on our fridge last January really brightened up the winter blahs – a little at least.

I first saw this little snow globe project on Pinterest and adapted it to what our little one would be able to do.  She actually really loved making it!  Cut a circle for the top of the snow globe out of blue paper.  Then for the fun part – dip your child’s finger in white paint and make dots all over the blue circle for the snow.  Our daughter LOVED doing this.  Frankly I’m a little surprised she didn’t put dots on everything in the house.  She would have if she could have, I’m sure!  Next you need a piece of red construction paper cut into a trapezoid shape for the base of the snow globe.  Glue it to the bottom of the blue circle.  Use a circle punch to make white circles for the snowman’s body and head.  Glue them to the blue circle.  Draw a face on the snowman.  (At the time, our daughter was too little to draw the face so I did it for her.  Older kids can certainly draw their own faces though!)

Pretty simple!  That’s all it takes for a cute little snow globe craft to brighten up cold and dreary January.  Enjoy!

January Card of the Month – Baby Thank You Note

As our daughter binge watches “Rudolph’s Shiny New Year” all about Happy, the Baby New Year this month, it gave me an idea for January’s Card of the Month – thank you cards for baby gifts.

When our daughter was born, I made a bunch of thank you cards so that I would have them ready to send out as gifts arrived.  I found that having the cards on hand and being able to write the notes right away was really helpful so that my to do list of notes to write didn’t get too overwhelming.

These thank you cards started with pink card stock folded in half.  I found a cute “thank you” stamp from Stampin’ Up and put it in the lower corner on a pink punched circle.  I cut out a pink pacifier using my Cricut and mounted it on top of pink patterned paper and plain pink paper that I had punched out using scallop and circle punches.  Very simple but cute.  You could easily do this in blue, green, or yellow tones as well.

My favorite part of the card was the inside though.  I left the inside blank so that I would have room to write the thank you note, but also because I wanted to send a picture with each note showing our baby with the gift she had received.  This took a little extra effort, but I think it was worth it to show our friends how much we appreciated their thoughtfulness for our daughter.  Besides, everyone enjoys getting a picture of a cute baby in the mail, right?

Snowman Pretzels

We tried a new treat this year for our New Year’s Day lunch with our family – Snowman Pretzels.  I found them on Pinterest and couldn’t wait to try them.  They were actually quite simple to make and turned out really cute!

First I cut Fruit Roll Ups into thin strips for the scarves.  I spread them out on wax paper.  Then I melted white chocolate chips in a big Ziplock Baggie in the microwave.  I cut a small hole in the corner of the bag.  I piped a dot of white chocolate onto the middle of one scarf.  Then I pressed 2 round pretzels to the dot – one above and one below the scarf – to glue the snowman head and body together.  Next I piped white chocolate into the centers of the pretzels until they were all filled in.  I put one more dot of white chocolate at the neck of the snowman and wrapped the scarf around, gluing it with the white chocolate.  Finally I added mini chocolate chips for eyes and buttons and an orange Nerd candy for the nose.  I found it works best to work quickly and do one complete snowman at a time because the white chocolate hardens fairly quickly.

The snowman pretzels turned out to be a fun and tasty treat perfect for January.