Snowman Pretzels

We tried a new treat this year for our New Year’s Day lunch with our family – Snowman Pretzels.  I found them on Pinterest and couldn’t wait to try them.  They were actually quite simple to make and turned out really cute!

First I cut Fruit Roll Ups into thin strips for the scarves.  I spread them out on wax paper.  Then I melted white chocolate chips in a big Ziplock Baggie in the microwave.  I cut a small hole in the corner of the bag.  I piped a dot of white chocolate onto the middle of one scarf.  Then I pressed 2 round pretzels to the dot – one above and one below the scarf – to glue the snowman head and body together.  Next I piped white chocolate into the centers of the pretzels until they were all filled in.  I put one more dot of white chocolate at the neck of the snowman and wrapped the scarf around, gluing it with the white chocolate.  Finally I added mini chocolate chips for eyes and buttons and an orange Nerd candy for the nose.  I found it works best to work quickly and do one complete snowman at a time because the white chocolate hardens fairly quickly.

The snowman pretzels turned out to be a fun and tasty treat perfect for January.

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