February Card of the Month: Hodgepodge Valentine

The card of the month for February is, of course, a Valentine’s Day Card.  When I think of making valentines, I think of mixing and matching all kinds of random supplies – doilies, stickers, ribbons, sparkles, etc. – in all shades of red, pink, and white.  I especially like this valentine I made a couple of years ago because it reminds me of all the hodgepodge valentines I made when I was little.

I started with red card stock and folded it to make the cards.  Then I chose some cute Valentine’s Day stamps from Stampin’ Up, stamped them, colored the pictures, and punched them out.  I also punched some bows, hearts, and other shapes out of pink, red, and white papers.  Finally I got some stick on jewels and pearls to add some sparkle.  After I had all my supplies ready, it was fun to arrange them all on the cards.  I enjoyed experimenting with various layouts, and each card turned out to be a little different and unique.  I even added some decorations on the inside of the cards.

Inside of Hodgepodge Valentine

Inside of Hodgepodge Valentine

Making valentines is so much fun – especially when you don’t have a specific plan and you can mix, match, and be creative!

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