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March Card of the Month: Easter Card

This month’s card of the month is an Easter card.  I love making things for Easter because it gives me a chance to use all of my favorite bright pastel colors – like in this card.

First make a background for your card by cutting an 8 1/2″ X 11″ sheet of purple card stock in half to make it 8 1/2″ X 5 1/2″ and then folding that in half.  Cut out some egg shapes in different colors using punches or a Cricut.  Stamp one cute Easter picture on white, color it in, and cut it out.  I loved this chick coming out of an egg, but any cute bunny, chick, or egg would work as long as it is roughly the same size and shape as the eggs you already cut out.  Arrange them in a row along the bottom of the card and attach them with pop up dots.  There you have it!  Happy Easter!

March Madness Menagerie

So I had originally thought that this week it would be fun to share some of the neat college basketball themed treats we would be enjoying while cheering on my teams in the Sweet 16.  IU shaped brownies for Indiana, blue and white cookies for Butler… Alas, after the results of the weekend’s games, it looks like that post will need to wait until next year.  Hopefully next year, at least!  So instead, I will be sharing one of my favorite (and most absurd and embarrassing) traditions: My March Madness Menagerie.

With the NCAA tournament always falling around Easter time, we proudly display a collection of stuffed chicks, ducks, and bunnies that are all named after college basketball personalities.  It started simply enough years ago with a funny looking duck we named Gonzaga (because it was a funny word to say and went perfectly with the funny looking duck) and a cute little rabbit we named Bunny Battier.  Each year we added more and more because, let’s be honest, there are lots of college basketball names that are just plain fun to say.  (For example, Izzo… Tubby… Duany Duany… Scoonie Penn… just to name a few.)  Now we have so many characters in our menagerie, we have to keep a list so that we remember all the names, and if you sit in the wrong spot on the couch, an avalanche of stuffed ducks may fall and bury you.  Some of my favorites include Matt Howard the Duck, Pat (Knight) the Bunny, Duckitch (for Dan Dakich), and, of course, Duck Vitale.  It’s a very unique (ok, weird) tradition, and it makes me so very happy to see my furry basketball friends every year.

Selection Sunday

Nothing makes me feel more like spring has finally spring than Selection Sunday – truly one of my favorite evenings of the year.  While my husband has yet to embrace the importance of this day, after almost 9 years of marriage he definitely understands that it is important to me and happily (?) and kindly goes along with my Selection Sunday ritual.

We start with an early supper of mini pigs in blankets – the official food of college basketball in our family.  We need to be done eating early because dinner must be finished by the time the pairings are aired on TV.  It’s too hard to fill in brackets while munching mini pigs in blankets.  I always make sure I have my blank bracket, a pencil, and a lap desk ready in front the TV.  I scribble down the pairings as they are announced live.  Sure, I could just wait 15 minutes and just print them out when they become available online, but there us something thrilling about furiously trying to write down all the teams in the correct spots as they are read from the TV (as in the olden days – like 5 years ago –  before brackets were instantly available on the internet) while simultaneously yelling and/or cheering at the TV accordingly.

After that, I do print out 2 other brackets from the CBS website.  I make one of the teams I want to win and one of the teams I think will win, and I use both throughout the tournament.  (For the record, this year my “want” champion is Butler and my “think” champion is Duke.  Although I have had no time this year for following or studying up on college basketball as I usually do, so my “think” bracket is a real shot in the dark.)  The whole process is such fun, and I can’t wait until the games begin.  Oh, and Go Big Red, Go Dawgs, and Go Anyone Playing Against Kentucky!

Rainbow Hands Craft

There are so many cute craft projects using kids’ handprints out there on Pinterest.  I found this one last year, and I made it with our daughter to hang on the fridge during the month of March.

Trace your child’s hand.  You only have to trace it once – a good thing if your toddler is less than thrilled about staying still long enough for multiple tracings!  Cut out the hand shape and use it as a pattern to make a hand print in each color of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.  Glue the handprints so that they overlap in a curved rainbow shape in rainbow order on a light blue background.  Add a black pot with some gold glitter on the top.  Hang it up to display during March and enjoy!

Never Underestimate the Importance of Bunnies and Eggs

Usually February is one of my most favorite months – so many holidays and fun things to do packed into only 28 (or 29) days!  It’s a holiday lover’s dream!  This year though, February was filled with nothing but stress with no room left for groundhogs or hearts or Presidents.  As a result, I can say that I am very glad to say goodbye to February and hello to March.  Even if we are ushering in March with a fresh 9 inches of snow.  After spending February moving all of our stuff to a little apartment while we wait for our new house to be built – assuming that it ever warms up enough for the builders to start actually building it –  I am thrilled to welcome in March with a quiet day relaxing (and tripping over each other) in our cozy (aka crowded) apartment.  I even had enough free time today to put out some Easter decorations!

All of our Easter (and Christmas, and Valentine’s Day, and Halloween, etc….) decorations are currently stashed in my bedroom at my parents’ house and are impossible to get out at the moment.  However, I did have a few sparkly bunnies and eggs that I got new this year from Pottery Barn that were accessible because they had not yet been packed away with our other Easter decorations.  I managed to find one bare surface in the apartment and decided to go ahead and put them out.  They don’t look as perfect as I want them to – far from it.  Normally I would have arranged the bunnies differently and put the eggs in a cute bowl or basket, but I didn’t have a bowl or basket handy or any energy left to look for one for that matter.  Regardless, I can’t even begin to explain the “pick me up” seeing those bunnies and eggs in our apartment gives me.  Suddenly it feels less like we are living in a storage unit/hotel and more like we are at home.  Just a little but still… never underestimate the benefits of holiday decorating!