March Madness Menagerie

So I had originally thought that this week it would be fun to share some of the neat college basketball themed treats we would be enjoying while cheering on my teams in the Sweet 16.  IU shaped brownies for Indiana, blue and white cookies for Butler… Alas, after the results of the weekend’s games, it looks like that post will need to wait until next year.  Hopefully next year, at least!  So instead, I will be sharing one of my favorite (and most absurd and embarrassing) traditions: My March Madness Menagerie.

With the NCAA tournament always falling around Easter time, we proudly display a collection of stuffed chicks, ducks, and bunnies that are all named after college basketball personalities.  It started simply enough years ago with a funny looking duck we named Gonzaga (because it was a funny word to say and went perfectly with the funny looking duck) and a cute little rabbit we named Bunny Battier.  Each year we added more and more because, let’s be honest, there are lots of college basketball names that are just plain fun to say.  (For example, Izzo… Tubby… Duany Duany… Scoonie Penn… just to name a few.)  Now we have so many characters in our menagerie, we have to keep a list so that we remember all the names, and if you sit in the wrong spot on the couch, an avalanche of stuffed ducks may fall and bury you.  Some of my favorites include Matt Howard the Duck, Pat (Knight) the Bunny, Duckitch (for Dan Dakich), and, of course, Duck Vitale.  It’s a very unique (ok, weird) tradition, and it makes me so very happy to see my furry basketball friends every year.

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