Never Underestimate the Importance of Bunnies and Eggs

Usually February is one of my most favorite months – so many holidays and fun things to do packed into only 28 (or 29) days!  It’s a holiday lover’s dream!  This year though, February was filled with nothing but stress with no room left for groundhogs or hearts or Presidents.  As a result, I can say that I am very glad to say goodbye to February and hello to March.  Even if we are ushering in March with a fresh 9 inches of snow.  After spending February moving all of our stuff to a little apartment while we wait for our new house to be built – assuming that it ever warms up enough for the builders to start actually building it –  I am thrilled to welcome in March with a quiet day relaxing (and tripping over each other) in our cozy (aka crowded) apartment.  I even had enough free time today to put out some Easter decorations!

All of our Easter (and Christmas, and Valentine’s Day, and Halloween, etc….) decorations are currently stashed in my bedroom at my parents’ house and are impossible to get out at the moment.  However, I did have a few sparkly bunnies and eggs that I got new this year from Pottery Barn that were accessible because they had not yet been packed away with our other Easter decorations.  I managed to find one bare surface in the apartment and decided to go ahead and put them out.  They don’t look as perfect as I want them to – far from it.  Normally I would have arranged the bunnies differently and put the eggs in a cute bowl or basket, but I didn’t have a bowl or basket handy or any energy left to look for one for that matter.  Regardless, I can’t even begin to explain the “pick me up” seeing those bunnies and eggs in our apartment gives me.  Suddenly it feels less like we are living in a storage unit/hotel and more like we are at home.  Just a little but still… never underestimate the benefits of holiday decorating!

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