Screened In Porch Season

It’s officially my favorite season – Screened In Porch Season!  Our house has a screened in porch.  It was one of the few extras we splurged on for our new home, but it’s also one of my favorite parts of it!  The builder said that ours was one of the first screened in porches in the neighborhood (evidently most people opted for sun rooms or covered porches instead).  But he was pretty sure that after seeing how great ours is, more and more people would be building them.

The sun room vs. screened in porch debate is a familiar one in my family.  My parents have a screened in porch that we all LOVE, but my mom has always been tempted to replace the screens with glass.  My dad and I always vetoed this idea though.  Sure, you can use a sun room in all four seasons rather than just three, but the enjoyment you get from being outside on the porch sans bugs during spring, summer, and fall totally makes up for losing the time out there in the winter.  In my opinion at least!  Happy Screened In Porch Season to all!

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