The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Mother’s Day

So my plan for today’s blog post was going to be to report on our lovely and idyllic Mother’s Day celebration.  And all weekend I have been desperately searching for wonderful things I could write about… Unfortunately, as with the other holidays of 2015 so far (Valentine’s Day – moving to a tiny apartment in the snow while battling germs and sickness all around our family… Easter – rushing to the ER with a surprise nut allergy for our daughter…) things did not go so well.  After our track record in 2015, I should not have been surprised.  Here’s a list of the highlights from our Mother’s Day traditions:

Buying and planting flowers: Oh yeah, we are still in this little apartment sans flower beds.  No flowers for this mommy this year.

Cupcakes from Flying Cupcake: Delicious and beautiful!

Mother's Day Cupcakes from Flying Cupcake

Mother’s Day Cupcakes from Flying Cupcake

Except for the meltdown when leaving the shop with our cupcakes in a box to go because a certain toddler wanted to eat one “right here, right now.”

Mother’s Day Cards:  My husband went to several different Hallmark stores (one of which had closed down unexpectedly) to pick out beautiful and thoughtful cards for me for every day of the weekend!  Not only did our daughter refuse to sign them despite my husband’s constant hushed pleas with her to “draw on Mommy’s cards,” but she was quite perturbed when it became evident that the cards were not for her.  All was made right though when I handed her one of the envelopes after I had opened it and she joyfully tore into it saying, “A card?  For me?!?  It’s what I always wanted!”

Brunch:  Service was terrible – they brought my mom the wrong kind of eggs, and they forgot my dad’s bacon – replacing it with just one broken piece alone on a plate.

Truly a comedy of errors.  However, as I write this and reflect on our day while doing laundry (which from all reports is another time honored Mother’s Day tradition), I must say it was a nice Mother’s Day in the end.  This is so cliche – but so true.  All joking aside, I got all I could ever have hoped for to make my Mother’s Day special when our precious daughter came into the bathroom on her own while I was getting ready for church this morning, and without prompting said, “Happy Mommy’s Day.”  My cup runneth over – even on a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad Mother’s Day.

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