Blog 2nd Anniversary

It’s my blog’s anniversary!  Is blogiversary a word?  I’ve been writing weekly blog posts about seasonal events, crafts, cards, traditions, activities, etc. for 2 years now.  I have fun writing them – just a way for me to try to keep being creative.  And of course hopefully become the next Martha Stewart one day and make my millions, you know without the insider trading part.  Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read my blog posts.

I plan to keep sharing fun ideas this coming year too.  I will continue sharing a card for each month, and I also plan to share a poem of the month each month this year.  One of my best classes in college had a fabulous unit about poetry for children, and I’ve loved the idea of children writing poetry ever since.  When I taught kids in “big school” I always used to have my kids write a poem each month to display on a bulletin board.  It was a great way to get kids writing and simultaneously sneak in the fun seasonal activities frowned upon by the school administration.  And, for the record, the kids often produced some of their very best writing for these monthly poems.  So stay tuned for those and other nifty seasonal topics.

Thanks again for indulging me and reading my blog!

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