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Fall Leaf Wall Hanging

I found this idea on Pinterest for a wall hanging with a fall leaf made out of smaller fall leaves and fell in love with it.  Luckily, in our new house we just happened to have a spot in my office that needed it.  Even more luckily, it turned out to be really quick and easy (and fun) to make!

I got the supplies to make it at Michael’s.  Instead of a plain stained board as I had seen in the original, I opted for this neat round crate-like hanging.  I also found some cool artificial leaves – some even printed like the pages of a book and some made to look like calico fabric – that were perfect to go with my office.  I downloaded a maple leaf shape from the Silhouette Design Store, blew it up, and printed it out on my regular printer.  I cut it out by hand and traced it onto the crate hanging.  Then I place the smaller leaves on the traced leaf shape one by one and glued them on with the glue gun when I was happy with their positions.  It was kind of like doing a puzzle to make sure the leaves were following the outline of the big maple leaf shape, but overall it was much easier to make them fit than I had expected.  The whole project was done in about 15 minutes – I think it took longer to shop for the supplies at Michael’s than it did to make the finished product.  I love the way it looks hanging in my office.

“Lazy Sunday”

I’m excited to share one of my favorite new traditions this week.  It’s called “Sunday.”  To be totally honest, I’ve only done it once so far, but it was so great I really hope it becomes a weekly occurrence.

I have always hated Sundays.  When I was in first grade, my teacher was such a meanie and I was so scared to go back to school on Mondays that I would sit myself in a chair all afternoon in hopes that I would make the day as boring as possible and therefore make it go by as slowly as possible in order to delay the return to school on Monday morning as much as possible.  Later in my childhood and teen years Sunday afternoons were spent doing homework and going to the church youth group which I hated because it was centered around complaining about your parents and I, frankly, liked my parents.  The other people in the youth group couldn’t figure out what to do with me since my parents and I enjoyed each other’s company (even though the youth group people tried their hardest to convince me otherwise).  For most of my adult life, Sundays consisted of waking up too early and rushing to church, followed by rushing around all afternoon to get all the weekend chores finished before Monday followed by lamenting all the stuff I didn’t manage to get done during my precious weekend “free” time, all leading up to the most dreaded, depressing, soul sucking chore of the week: packing Monday’s lunch.  If I was really lucky I might have gotten the bonus of watching SNL taped from the night before or “Chopped,” “The Pioneer Woman,” “Cupcake Wars,” or whatever random show was on the Food Network playing in the background while I did all my Sunday chores but that was the only bright spot.

Well, last week I got to experience an actual “Lazy Sunday,” and I LOVED it!  It just so happened that the house was already cleaned, my school work was already finished, we had already gone to the grocery store… I didn’t have anything I HAD to do on Sunday!  We still got up too early and rushed to church.  Then we went out to eat and enjoyed a nice relaxing lunch.  We went home, and I changed into sweatpants (acceptable since I had no plans to leave the house), and spent the rest of the afternoon crafting, playing with our daughter, watching “Mamma Mia” and “Love It or List It,” and… I even took a nap!  Unfortunately, the day still ended with packing Monday’s lunch, but the task was less depressing after such a nice relaxing day.  Perhaps God knew what He was doing with this whole “Day of Rest” thing.  I can’t wait to do it again soon!

September Card of the Month: Fall Note Card

This was my first week back to school – fun but hectic to say the least!  So this week’s blog post will be short and sweet.  September’s card of the month is a fall note card – perfect for notes to the teacher, thank you notes, notes in lunch boxes, teacher gifts, whatever you might need!  It’s super simple, which is also perfect for this super busy time of year.  Just get a piece of 8 1/2 inch by 5 1/2 inch cardstock and fold it in half.  Add an apple or leaf or other type of fall sticker (I found these cute stickers at Michael’s) to the bottom corner of the card.  That’s it!

Fall Note Cards

Fall Note Cards

September Poem of the Month: Ode to a School Supply

Now that back to school season is in full swing (or even wrapping up in some cases), it’s time for the first installment of my poems of the month to use with kiddos in the classroom.  (By the way – a little late, but if you want to start poems of the month in August I always had kids write acrostic poems using their names for August.  They are simple, quick, and a good way to help kids get acquainted with each other.)  September’s poem of the month is an “Ode to a School Supply.”  It’s a great way to get kids started writing poems because it’s just a fill in the blank format – very nonthreatening for kids who think they can’t write poetry.  Everyone can be successful with this type of poem, so it helps build confidence for future more complex poems.  It also helps kids write descriptively about an everyday object – a task that will help them learn to add details to all of their writing.  This is a finished sample from a third grader:

Ode to a Pencil

Pencil, oh pencil!

I love how you write.

You help me with drawing,

and writing,

and spelling.

Your lead is black and 

your eraser is pink.

Thank you for being my best school supply.

After writing their poems and editing them, I always had kids publish final copies of their poems and decorate them with school supply stickers before displaying them on my poem of the month bulletin board for September.

Happy Birthday to Me!

It’s September!  My favorite month – back to school time, the start of fall, and my birthday!  I love having my birthday in September – perfect timing for one last cookout of the year and getting new fall clothes as presents.

This year my birthday party was especially great because it was planned entirely by our 3 year old!  She chose a Minnie Mouse theme and picked out Minnie plates, napkins, cups, a tablecloth, wrapping paper, and a balloon all on her own.  When my parents tried to persuade her to pick a different theme that might be more up my alley, she said, “No, I’ll stick with Minnie.”  (By the way, she’s already planning a Mickey party for her grandpa, a Daisy party for her grandma, and a Professor Von Drake party for her daddy.  If this doesn’t make sense to you, just google “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.”)  She wrapped a package all by herself in Minnie paper, and she did a darn good job if you ask me!

Minnie Wrapping

Minnie Wrapping

She even picked a movie for the evening’s entertainment.  No, not “Minnie’s Bowtique” as you might have expected.  Instead we watched her current favorite movie: “Hello Dolly.”  Sure, I probably wouldn’t have picked Minnie decorations on my own, and I actually can’t stand “Hello Dolly.”  But the fact that she worked hard to plan a special celebration just for me full of things she loves made me feel very loved.  It was one of my best birthday parties ever!