Happy Birthday to Me!

It’s September!  My favorite month – back to school time, the start of fall, and my birthday!  I love having my birthday in September – perfect timing for one last cookout of the year and getting new fall clothes as presents.

This year my birthday party was especially great because it was planned entirely by our 3 year old!  She chose a Minnie Mouse theme and picked out Minnie plates, napkins, cups, a tablecloth, wrapping paper, and a balloon all on her own.  When my parents tried to persuade her to pick a different theme that might be more up my alley, she said, “No, I’ll stick with Minnie.”  (By the way, she’s already planning a Mickey party for her grandpa, a Daisy party for her grandma, and a Professor Von Drake party for her daddy.  If this doesn’t make sense to you, just google “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.”)  She wrapped a package all by herself in Minnie paper, and she did a darn good job if you ask me!

Minnie Wrapping

Minnie Wrapping

She even picked a movie for the evening’s entertainment.  No, not “Minnie’s Bowtique” as you might have expected.  Instead we watched her current favorite movie: “Hello Dolly.”  Sure, I probably wouldn’t have picked Minnie decorations on my own, and I actually can’t stand “Hello Dolly.”  But the fact that she worked hard to plan a special celebration just for me full of things she loves made me feel very loved.  It was one of my best birthday parties ever!


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