Mum Pumpkins

It’s mum season!

I found this idea for mums in pumpkins a couple years ago on Pinterest and couldn’t wait to try it at our new house.

We got 4 plastic trick-or-treat pumpkins at Target.  Then we went and got 4 mum plants at Lowes.  When we got home, we found that the flower pots were bigger than the openings in the pumpkins, so my husband used a utility knife to cut the pumpkins and widen the holes.  He said they were really easy to cut.  He also drilled drainage holes in the bottoms of the pumpkins.  Then we just put the mums (still in their pots) in the pumpkins and set them out on the porch.  We wanted them to look nice for fall, not just Halloween, so we turned the jack-o-lantern faces toward the house (and now they are there smiling at us every time we open the front door!).  They would look just as cute with the faces showing in the front though.

I’m loving these mum pumpkins this year.  I’m hoping we will be able to save the plastic pumpkins and use them again next year.  However, if they get too faded or dirty to reuse it’s no great loss.  They only cost about $4 total and took only about 15 minutes to cut and drill, so if we have to redo them next year, that’s just fine!

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