November Poem of the Month: Recipe for a Happy Thanksgiving

As promised, it’s time for November’s poem of the month.  It is a recipe poem, specifically a “Recipe for a Happy Thanksgiving.”  I adapted this from a recipe style poem I found in a teacher book a million years ago.  The format is very simple to follow:

Line 1: Noun and noun.

Line 2: Noun and noun.

Line 3: Noun so adjective.

Line 4: A complete sentence with some sort of action.

Line 5: Gerund and gerund.

Line 6: Getting more noun.

Line 7: Exclamation!

Line 8: This makes Thanksgiving.

Here is a completed version from one of my former third graders who is all grown up now:

Family and food.

Potatoes and turkey.

Vegetables so good.

The family is coming.

Giving and eating.

Getting more thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving!

This makes Thanksgiving.

For fun you can have kids write their poems on recipe cards.

Recipe for a Happy Thanksgiving Poem

Recipe for a Happy Thanksgiving Poem

After all, what says Thanksgiving more than a recipe poem?

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