December Poem of the Month: Wish Poem

My favorite decorations to use in the classroom for December are mittens.  They work well with the cold weather, they are not specific to any holiday so no one feels left out, and they go perfectly with the idea of helping hands which is so important during the holiday season.  I used to have a free time center activity in my classroom where kids could cut out and decorate paper mittens and label them with the names of friends who had shown caring and been helping hands.  We would string them together on paper chains until eventually all of the helping hand mittens would wind around the whole classroom.

To go along with this helping hand theme, we made wish poems for December.  All children have wishes regardless of their religious, ethnic, or socioeconomic backgrounds.  We would talk about how wishes could be big or small, and that some kids might need a helping hand to make their wishes come true.  The format of the wish poem is shown here:

Wish Poem Sloppy Copy

Wish Poem Sloppy Copy

We would write the final copies of the wish poems on mittens to remind us that by being helping hands we can all help wishes come true.

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