New Holiday Storage

Last week it was time for one of my least favorite jobs – taking down Christmas decorations.  I must say though – the new and improved storage space for holiday boxes in our new house made the task much easier and enjoyable.  And I’ll admit, putting everything in nicely sorted and stacked boxes does appeal to my penchant for organizing.  Instead of having boxes stashed in every random nook and cranny like at our old house, now the upstairs decorations all live in an upstairs closet and the downstairs decorations all live in the downstairs coat closets (who needs coats, right?).  This saved so much time since we didn’t have to carry any boxes up and down the stairs.  I also thought (unfortunately after the fact) to take pictures of where the boxes were positioned in the closets so they would be easier to put back away.  Note to self – next time do this before taking everything out of the closet!  Oh well, at least the pictures will be handy for the next holiday!  Speaking of the next holiday, be sure to organize the boxes in the closets with the boxes for the next closest holiday on top and the boxes for the holiday that just happened on the bottom.  My last tip is to always use box labels that can be peeled off and repositioned so that you can make sure they are easy to see from their spots in the closets.  It takes a little effort but it’s totally worth it.  Container Store has fabulous labels that you can easily take off and on.  Love starting the new year off so organized.  Bring on all the holidays of 2016!

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