April Poem of the Month: Number Poem

April’s poem of the month is a poem about signs of spring that uses one of my favorite poem formats because it’s fun and fairly simple for all children.  First, have kids write their phone numbers down the side of a page.  Then have them think of a sign of spring to go with each number.  For example, 1 bunny, 2 flower buds, etc.  Finally have them insert adjectives to describe each thing.  1 cute bunny, 2 tiny flower buds, etc.  Here is a poem by one of my former third graders (don’t worry – I changed the numbers in the phone number!).

Signs of Spring

3 Little insects

7 Pretty flowers

2 Cold days

8 Big bikes

5 Good friends

7 Colorful butterflies

6 Tiny leaves

After editing, have the children copy their final copies on bright springy paper and decorate with spring flower stickers.  There you have it – easy and quick for this busy time of year!

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