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May Poem of the Month: Year in Review

May’s poem of the month is a sort of “year in review” to reminisce as the school year winds down.  It is very simple – just list the months and describe each with an adjective.  When I first started doing this with third graders, I had a bee theme for the month of May.  We called our poems “A Buzzy Year.”  They wrote their final copies on beehive shapes and decorated them with bee stickers.  I also had a blank book with the same title available at a center so that the kids could write down their favorite memories from the school year in their free time.

Here is a third grader’s poem:

August was hottest

September was fallish

October was scary

December was Christmasy

January was cold

February was loving

March was lucky

April was rainy

May was beautiful

Goodbye Third Grade!

This poem works with any theme (when I moved to fourth grade and the focus was the Indy 500 during the month of May, we titled the poems “Fourth Grade Zoomed By!” and decorated them with race car stickers), and it is a nice year end activity to do even if you haven’t been doing poems each month.

Have a great last month of the school year!