State Fair Time: Pig Cupcakes

When I was little, the last hurrah of summer was always a trip to the State Fair.  My dad had an exhibit there, so we HAD to go so he could take his turn to clean the exhibit.  Such a burden.  It was always one of my favorite events of the year.  Even though I have always hated getting dirty, there was something very satisfying about spending a hot, sticky evening at the fair walking around looking at (and unfortunately smelling) hot, sticky animals and eating hot, sticky food like cotton candy and elephant ears then coming home to take the most refreshing bath of the entire year and going to bed feeling refreshed and ready to say farewell to summer and start a new school year on a high note.

I have not actually been to the fair for years, partly because school starts sooo early now – before the fair even starts – and partly because it turns out it’s actually really expensive to go to the fair when you’re a grown up and have to pay for your own hot, sticky food and don’t get free tickets anymore.  But still every year when August rolls around, this city girl can’t help but think of the one time of year I feel like a country girl at heart hanging out at the State Fair with all the smelly farm animals.

All that inspires me to make pig cupcakes this time of year.  I found the idea on Pinterest and added some of my own touches.  I used a strawberry cake mix to make pink cupcakes.  I frosted them with strawberry frosting.  The ears were pieces of strawberry wafer cookies, the noses were slices of marshmallows, and the eyes were chocolate chips.  To make them more “State Fair-ish” I added Rice Krispies Treats bales of hay and wrapped them with Twizzlers Pull and Peel strips.  I placed everything on a bed of Rice Krispies to look like hay.

They are fun and tasty and just right for August.  I even made these last year to take to a friend’s pig roast.  They are perfect for reminiscing about the State Fair without the hot, sticky parts – and they are not nearly as smelly as the real pigs there!

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