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July Card of the Month: Thank You Card

My dad’s birthday is coming up, so I was planning to do a birthday card as July’s card of the month.  However when I was looking through my card file to pick one, I happened to come across this Ball jar thank you card I made several years ago.  I had totally forgotten about it, and when I saw it I wanted to make more – especially given my current fascination with Ball jars.  It’s one my favorites and perfect for summer, so I just had to share it this month instead of a birthday card.  Besides, you could easily turn it into a birthday card if you wanted.

I used this great stamp set that Stampin’ Up sold a few years back to make the card.

Jar and Fillers Stampin' Up Stamp Set

Jar and Fillers Stampin’ Up Stamp Set

It has a Ball jar stamp (ok, I guess it’s actually technically just a mason jar, but still) and a baggie stamp and various stamps of items with which to “fill” the jar and the baggie.  They also sold a companion set with more “filler” stamps.  I have used this set in so many different ways over the years.  It’s so versatile and useful, so if you ever see something similar, I would definitely snap it up if I were you.  I have also seen individual Ball jar stamps more recently at places like Michaels so if you don’t have this particular set or one like it, you’re not out of luck.

I stamped the jar in light blue on white card stock then stamped a green stem and a pink flower coming out of the jar.  I bubble cut around the whole thing.  Then I punched a hole in the top of the jar and tied a little “thanks” (or you could do happy birthday or whatever you choose) stamped rectangle on with twisty wire.  I was into using wire at the time I made this card because it looked really cool.  However I have since decided that wire is a pain to work with and tricky to mail because it tears the envelopes, so when I make this again I will probably use twine instead.  I mounted the whole thing on light pink paper with pop up dots, then mounted that on top of matching printed paper, then stuck the whole thing to a piece of 8 1/2″ X 5 1/2″ white card stock folded in half.  It turned out really cute, and I’m looking forward to making more.  I hope you enjoy too!

Card File Boxes

Besides holidays, one of my other favorite things is organizing stuff.  So why not combine the two?  My card files keep all of my holiday card samples organized.

Whenever I make cards, I always make one extra to keep as a sample in my card file boxes.  I used to go to monthly stamp workshops and seasonal “stamp camps” back when I had time for such things.  I never sent or gave away any of the cards I made at any of those workshops or camps.  Instead I kept them all in my card files as samples.

I got these great boxes at The Container Store.  They are just the right size for cards and even come with plastic dividers you can label.  I have a section for each holiday/type of card.  Of course, some sections are bigger than others, but the dividers are adjustable so it works out well.

To be honest, I’ve never actually remade any of the card designs I keep filed so carefully in my card file boxes.  However, looking through them helps give me ideas and inspiration that I use to create new cards… and then I save samples of those in the card file boxes… which help me get new ideas for new cards of which I save samples in my card file boxes… a never ending cycle!  Which leads me to think that one of these days soon I may need to expand in to another card file box…

June Card of the Month: Graduation Card

When I think of the month of June, I think of graduations.  I graduated from high school in June 20 (oh my!!) years ago.  And lots of stores used to run promotions advertising gifts for “Dads and Grads” during June.  Anymore though, it seems like most graduations happen in May instead.  But since for me, when I think of June graduation season still comes to mind, June’s card of the month is a graduation card.  If you’re already done with graduation parties for 2015, you can always just get a jump start on next year’s graduation cards.

Start by getting some 8 1/2 inch by 5 1/2 inch card stock.  Personally, I like red for graduations because it reminds me of the ribbons on diplomas, but silver or gray card stock would be nice too.  Or you could even use card stock to match school colors.  Fold the card stock in half.  Then cut a smaller white rectangle for the front of the card.  Get some sparkly ribbon that matches the card stock and wrap it around the white rectangle and tape it to the back to hold it in place.  Attach the rectangle to the front of the card using pop up dots.  Put a black mortarboard sticker on the white rectangle above the ribbon.  Ta da!  A cute graduation card,  whether you end up using it right away in June for the Class of 2015 or save it for next May to celebrate the Class of 2016!

May Card of the Month: Mother’s Day Card

May’s card of the month is a Mother’s Day card.  I was looking through my card file and found this one I made a long time ago.  It reminded me of some card making techniques I haven’t used in a long time, and now I want to try them again!

I started with a 5 1/2″ X 8 1/2″ piece of pink card stock folded in half.  Then I cut a background sheet out of white card stock and stamped small flowers and shapes all over it.  I added some flower stickers made out of double stick tape and covered them with glitter.  Finally I got a metal edged white tag and stamped a Mother’s Day greeting on it.  I’ll have to check my supply stash to see if I still have some of these supplies – like the double stick tape stickers and the metal edged tags.  I’m sure something similar is available in craft stores these days even if the exact supplies are no longer available.  Even though it’s one of my older cards, I still really like it.  I hope you (and your mom) do too!

April Card of the Month: Wedding Card

While June might be the month people traditionally think of for weddings, to me April is wedding month since that’s when we got married.  So April’s card of the month is a wedding card.

I actually used this card for a friend’s wedding shower invitation a few years ago, but it could work well as just a regular wedding card too.  It’s one of my favorites.  I started with 8 1/2″ X 5 1/2″ white card stock folded in half.  The next later was a piece of silver card stock punched with an eyelet ruffle punch on one edge.  Then I attached a square of black and white print card stock using pop up dots.  Next I put on a black scallop circle with another pop up dot.  The finishing touches were a ring sticker on top of the black scallop circle and a pretty black and clear rhinestone stickers in the lower right corner of the card.  I love this card.  I think it’s simple and elegant and perfect for any wedding.

March Card of the Month: Easter Card

This month’s card of the month is an Easter card.  I love making things for Easter because it gives me a chance to use all of my favorite bright pastel colors – like in this card.

First make a background for your card by cutting an 8 1/2″ X 11″ sheet of purple card stock in half to make it 8 1/2″ X 5 1/2″ and then folding that in half.  Cut out some egg shapes in different colors using punches or a Cricut.  Stamp one cute Easter picture on white, color it in, and cut it out.  I loved this chick coming out of an egg, but any cute bunny, chick, or egg would work as long as it is roughly the same size and shape as the eggs you already cut out.  Arrange them in a row along the bottom of the card and attach them with pop up dots.  There you have it!  Happy Easter!

February Card of the Month: Hodgepodge Valentine

The card of the month for February is, of course, a Valentine’s Day Card.  When I think of making valentines, I think of mixing and matching all kinds of random supplies – doilies, stickers, ribbons, sparkles, etc. – in all shades of red, pink, and white.  I especially like this valentine I made a couple of years ago because it reminds me of all the hodgepodge valentines I made when I was little.

I started with red card stock and folded it to make the cards.  Then I chose some cute Valentine’s Day stamps from Stampin’ Up, stamped them, colored the pictures, and punched them out.  I also punched some bows, hearts, and other shapes out of pink, red, and white papers.  Finally I got some stick on jewels and pearls to add some sparkle.  After I had all my supplies ready, it was fun to arrange them all on the cards.  I enjoyed experimenting with various layouts, and each card turned out to be a little different and unique.  I even added some decorations on the inside of the cards.

Inside of Hodgepodge Valentine

Inside of Hodgepodge Valentine

Making valentines is so much fun – especially when you don’t have a specific plan and you can mix, match, and be creative!

January Card of the Month – Baby Thank You Note

As our daughter binge watches “Rudolph’s Shiny New Year” all about Happy, the Baby New Year this month, it gave me an idea for January’s Card of the Month – thank you cards for baby gifts.

When our daughter was born, I made a bunch of thank you cards so that I would have them ready to send out as gifts arrived.  I found that having the cards on hand and being able to write the notes right away was really helpful so that my to do list of notes to write didn’t get too overwhelming.

These thank you cards started with pink card stock folded in half.  I found a cute “thank you” stamp from Stampin’ Up and put it in the lower corner on a pink punched circle.  I cut out a pink pacifier using my Cricut and mounted it on top of pink patterned paper and plain pink paper that I had punched out using scallop and circle punches.  Very simple but cute.  You could easily do this in blue, green, or yellow tones as well.

My favorite part of the card was the inside though.  I left the inside blank so that I would have room to write the thank you note, but also because I wanted to send a picture with each note showing our baby with the gift she had received.  This took a little extra effort, but I think it was worth it to show our friends how much we appreciated their thoughtfulness for our daughter.  Besides, everyone enjoys getting a picture of a cute baby in the mail, right?

December Card of the Month – Baking Christmas Card

December’s card of the month is, of course, a Christmas card.  I love making our cards each year.  In fact, I’m currently rushing to finish making this year’s batch so that I can get them mailed in time for Christmas – taking just enough time out to write this blog post!

This card is still probably my most favorite ever.

Baking Christmas Card

Baking Christmas Card

I cut the oven mitt and rolling pin out using my Cricut.  For the cookie sheet I used a piece of silver card stock and folded up the edges.  The doily is just a piece of white card stock punched with a round scallop punch and dotted with a silver pen.  The gingerbread “Got Merry?” stamp was from Stampin’ Up several years ago.  I used tiny brads for the buttons on the gingerbread cookie.

Baking Christmas Card - Inside

Baking Christmas Card – Inside

For the inside of the card I stamped “Merry Christmas” and added a potholder also cut out using the Cricut to match the oven mitt on the front of the card.  I used a little silver brad to “hang” the potholder on the inside of the card.

Even though it had a lot of parts and was a little labor intensive, this card will always be one of my favorites.  I love how it tuned out!

November Card of the Month: Patchwork Thank You Card

It seemed appropriate that November’s Card of the Month should be a thank you card with Thanksgiving coming up and all.  I have made bunches of thank you cards over the years, but this one is one of my favorites.

I started by making a patchwork background.  This is so much fun to do.  It’s also a great way to use up old paper scraps.  Get a bunch of coordinating printed papers and cut them into squares.  Glue the squares onto a plain sheet of paper.  Then cut whatever shape you would like for the card.  Add a cute coordinating picture stamp as well as a “thank you” stamp.  There you have it – a cute thank you card for thank you month.