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Valentine Arrows – Part 2

And now an arrow Valentine’s Day card to go with the candy bar from last week!

For the background of the card I used 8.5″ by 5.5″ white card stock folded in half.  I attached doilies to the fronts of the cards.  I found these beautiful pink and gold doilies last year at Michael’s, and I noticed that they have lots of doilies in the stores this year too.  It seems like doilies are cool again – just a few years ago it was nearly impossible to find even plain ones at any store, but now there are really pretty varieties of colors, designs, and shapes all over the place.  I plan to stock up so that I’ll have plenty on hand if doilies become hard to find again in the future!  I cut strips of shiny gold poster board for the shafts of the arrows.  I attached the gold strips to the centers of the doilies with pop up dots.  I punched hearts out of red card stock for the ends of the arrows and attached them with pop up dots as well.  I stamped tiny Valentine’s Day tags with a stamp and punch from Stampin’ Up and tied them to the gold pieces with red and white baker’s twine.  That’s all – pretty quick and easy.

I realize the clock is ticking, but you might even have time to make these and get them in the mail in time for Valentine’s Day.  At the very least you’ll be ready WAY in advance for Valentine’s Day 2018!

House Christmas Card

I just finished and mailed this year’s Christmas card this weekend.  So now that that task is done, I can take a moment to share one of our past cards with you.  I came up with the idea for a house themed card a couple years ago when we were in the process of building a new house.  My big plan was to combine our Christmas card with a change of address card.  It would have worked perfectly except the building process got started a little more slowly than we anticipated, and we thought it might be putting the cart before the horse to announce we were moving before they had even broken ground on our new house.  Besides, we didn’t know our new address by the time we had to mail our Christmas cards.  However, the house cards were still cute so we went with them anyway.

House Christmas Card

I used a light blue card stock for the background.  I cut it to 5.5″ X 8.5″ and folded it in half.  On the front I glued a white mound of snow made out of white card stock.  I got a set of house stamps and a matching cutting tool from Stampin’ Up and stamped and cut out a house on light brown card stock for the front of each card.  I colored the houses with markers and attached them to the cards on top of the snow mounds with pop up dots.  I also punched out a tiny tree for each card to go next to the house and attached those with pop up dots as well.

Inside House Christmas Card

For the inside of the cards I stamped words on brown card stock to match the house and added little red card stock hearts to the words with more pop up dots.  I also added strips of paper with Christmas houses from Stampin’ Up to the bottoms of the insides of the cards.  I especially loved this paper because it reminded me of my grandparents’ Christmas village that I loved to play with when I was little and that now gets set up at our house each year.  Very special!

Leap Day, Oscar Night, and the Quest for Free Time

I have two things on my mind today: Leap Day, which we only get to celebrate once every 4 years, and Oscar Night, which to me feels like something I celebrated in a past life.  Both of them happening just a day apart makes me think about having extra time and how to use it best.

I used to be a movie buff.  I made sure I saw every Oscar nominated movie before Oscar Night.  I studied the Golden Globes and the SAG Awards and read movie magazines and made signs to cheer for my favorite movies and made elaborate charts about who I wanted to win and who I thought would actually win.  And, not to toot my own horn, but I was pretty good at it.  I had a high rate of accuracy on my “think will win” list – even in the more obscure categories like “Sound Editing” and “Art Direction” (which I see is not even called “Art Direction” anymore).  That all seems like a lifetime ago.  I have not seen (not do I have any desire to see) any of the Oscar nominated movies this year.  In fact, the last 2 movies I saw were Les Mis and The Lego Move.  And they were both fantastic, by the way – I will be rooting for both of them to win an Oscar tonight, as futile as that may be…  A moot point anyway though because odds are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Sid the Science Kid or Handy Manny will most likely be playing in our house as the awards are announced.

Remembering when I used to have free time to see movies leads me to think of Leap Day.  A whole extra day!!  What to do with all that extra time??  Sadly, extra time is not necessarily free time.  And if it were free, I seriously doubt I would spend it in a movie theater.  I would want to spend it doing things with my little family because I constantly feel I don’t have enough time with them as it is.

Which lead me to my blog.  I started this blog when I left my teaching job at “real school” because I was worried I would get bored with all of my new found free time and that I wouldn’t have enough opportunities to be creative without teaching in a public school.  Luckily, I have found that my job teaching preschoolers gives me plenty of creative opportunities – even more than “real school” actually!  However, the “new found free time” has still not been found.  So I am going to start doing my blog posts a little less often.  Rather than once a week, I may just post whenever I have a fun seasonal idea to share.  I must admit I feel guilty – even though it was a self imposed “assignment” to do a blog post each week, I feel like I am letting myself down by scaling back.  But then again, what good are all the seasonal activities I share if I’m too busy to actually enjoy them with my family?  So with that, happy Leap Day and happy Oscar Night… or as it is shaping up to be in our house, happy cuddling on the couch while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse night.

February Card of the Month: Banner Valentine

February’s card of the month is, of course, a Valentine’s Day card.  I love this banner valentine  from years past that I found in my card file box.

I used red card stock cut to 8 1/2″ by 5 1/2″ and folded in half for the background.  I got an assortment of Valentine’s Day papers from Stampin’ Up and punched out a heart from one of the printed papers.  I attached it to the lower right side of the  front of the card using pop up dots.  I stamped “Happy Valentine’s Day” in red ink on ivory card stock, punched it out, and attached it on top of the heart with more pop up dots.  For the banner at the top of the card, I used a punch to make assorted little “flag” shapes from the various valentine papers.  I put a pop up dot on the back of each one and stuck red and white bakers’ twine to the backs before sticking the whole little banner to the top of the front of the card.  I also added a sparkly heart sticker to one of the little flag pieces for fun.

Inside Banner Valentine

Inside Banner Valentine

For the inside of the card, I used an old Stampin’ Up “xoxo” stamp and stamped it in red ink on ivory card stock.  Then I punched it out with a heart punch and used pop up dots to attach it to the upper left corner.  I also added a little heart punched out of one of the valentine papers and one more sparkly heart sticker.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

January Card of the Month: Balloon Birthday Card

January’s card of the month is a birthday card.  As I have mentioned before, I like to make several cards at a time assembly line style, and January is a good time to make sure I have a good chink of the birthday cards I will need throughout the year ready to go.  Besides, making cards is a good inside activity, and I have been too cold lately to want to leave the house at all.  Building up my birthday card inventory inside where it is cozy and where there is college basketball on the tv is a much more desirable option than venturing outside in the bitter cold for even just a few minutes and then spending the next 6 or more hours trying to stop shivering.

I rediscovered this balloon birthday card while looking through my card files.  The colors on it reminded me of January so I decided to use it for the January card of the month.  (Although any color scheme would work of course!)

January Card of the Month: Balloon Birthday Card

January Card of the Month: Balloon Birthday Card

I cut out 3 balloon shapes using my Cricut.  I used some fun papers I had in my paper scraps bin.  One was a green velum and one was a pearlized pale green – both perfect for balloons!  The third was a coordinating green and blue stripe.  For the background I chose a light blue card stock that matched the striped balloon.  I cut it to 5 1/2″ by 8 1/2″ and folded it in half.  I attached strings to the backs of the balloons using glue dots.  Then I attached the balloons to the front of the card with adhesive.  After the balloons were positioned and attached the way I wanted them, I tied the 3 strings together in a knot at the bottom of the card.

Balloon Birthday Card Inside

Balloon Birthday Card Inside

For the inside I stamped some Happy Birthday balloons with light blue on white using a very old Stampin’ Up stamp and matted it with the green vellum and pearlized green from the front of the card.  I finished it off with photo corners punched out of the green and blue striped paper.

A cute card and a fun way to use up extra bits of paper and experiment with different color and pattern combinations.

December Card of the Month: Creature Stirring Card

December’s card of the month is one of our Christmas cards from a few years ago that I find to be quite funny – I hope you do too.  I had this darling mouse shape on a Cricut cartridge, and I wanted to use it for a card so I came up with this “Creature stirring” card.

I started with a piece of red card stock cut to 5 1/2 inches by 8 1/2 inches and folded it in half.  I cut the mouse out of gray card stock and glued on pink ears and nose, black eyes, and a red mouth.  I attached it to the front of the card with a pop up dot.  I also used my Cricut to cut out a white speech bubble on which I wrote “Oops…” since the mouse was still stirring when he wasn’t supposed to be.  I used regular adhesive to glue that to the card next to the mouse.  The “Not a creature was stirring…” words were printed in green on white paper using my computer.  I matted this on green and used adhesive to attach it to the top of the card.  I was worried it wasn’t Christmas-y enough so I added a tree.  The tree was punched out of green card stock using a scalloped triangle punch from Stampin’ Up.  The tree skirt was punched out of various Christmas patterned papers using a scalloped oval punch also from Stampin’ Up.  I decorated the tree with a gold star brad and stick-on rhinestones.  I attached the whole tree to the card with another couple of pop up dots.

Creature Stirring Card Inside

Creature Stirring Card Inside

I finished the mouse joke on the inside with a piece of cheese – a triangle punched out of yellow card stock and then punched again with a regular hole punch to make the holes for swiss cheese.  I added a green holly stamp and glued on a red paper dot to make it more festive.  The Merry Christmas words were also printed from my computer and punched out and matted with oval and scalloped oval punches.  Everything on the inside of the card was attached with adhesive.

The whole card looks pretty cute in my opinion – even if the joke is a little cheesy.  Ha ha.  Merry Christmas!

November Card of the Month: Fall Baby Shower Invitation

A few weeks ago we got to have a fall baby shower for a friend.  The hostesses planned a beautiful shower with food and decorations that were perfect for a baby shower in the fall.  When I learned that the shower would have a fall theme, I was thrilled – so many fun possibilities for a fall baby shower invitation!  I just had to share.  So November’s card of them month isn’t a thank you card or a Thanksgiving card like you might have expected.  Instead, it’s a baby shower invitation.

I started with an 8.5″ X 5.5″ piece of light blue card stock folded in half.  I thought about using brown, but I wanted something on the invitation to indicate it was for a baby boy.  I found some fall plaid paper with yellows, oranges, browns, and even a hint of the same blue that matched the blue background of the card.  I cut it into squares to look like baby blankets.  I attached a square with a pop-up dot in the lower right corner of each card.  I also punched some little hearts out of the same paper to accent the words “Little Pumpkin” which I printed out on return address sticky labels and stuck to the top left corner of each card.  I punched out orange circles to be baby pumpkins and added brown stems.  Those I attached on top of the plaid blankets using pop-up dots.  I kept the pumpkins’ faces very simple to make sure they looked like babies and not like jack-o-lanterns.  Now to look forward to meeting the real “little pumpkin” himself!

October Card of the Month: Halloween Cards

With just under a week left until Halloween you have just enough time to make these simple Halloween cards to send to your friends.  I came up with these cards because I wanted something our 3 year old could help make.  We had a great time making them together.

Start with an 8.5″ X 5.5″ piece of orange card stock folded in half.  Cut a 5″ X 3.5″ rectangle from a cute fall print paper and attach it to the card.  Put a 4″ X 3″ orange rectangle on top of that.  Then comes the fun part – use a variety of punches to punch out various shapes that could be used as jack-o-lantern faces.  I made my face pieces brown to go with the fall print paper I used, but black would work too.  Then make all kinds of faces with your shapes.  The cool thing is that each card will be a little different.  I had envisioned faces like this when I planned these cards:

Halloween Cards

Halloween Cards

But when our daughter got to work she used the pieces for legs, eyebrows, foreheads, and things I never even imagined.  Clearly, her cards are by far the best ones:

Kid Made Halloween Cards

Kid Made Halloween Cards

I added a green swirl for a stem.  (I had a swirl punch but it was so hard to punch the paper that I pitched it the second I was done punching these stems.  So now I’m in the market for a new swirl punch…  You could also just curl paper around a pencil – probably much easier!)  I finished off the inside of the card with “Happy Halloween” stamped on a pumpkin layered on more of the fall print paper.

Halloween Card - Inside

Halloween Card – Inside

Happy Halloween!

September Card of the Month: Fall Note Card

This was my first week back to school – fun but hectic to say the least!  So this week’s blog post will be short and sweet.  September’s card of the month is a fall note card – perfect for notes to the teacher, thank you notes, notes in lunch boxes, teacher gifts, whatever you might need!  It’s super simple, which is also perfect for this super busy time of year.  Just get a piece of 8 1/2 inch by 5 1/2 inch cardstock and fold it in half.  Add an apple or leaf or other type of fall sticker (I found these cute stickers at Michael’s) to the bottom corner of the card.  That’s it!

Fall Note Cards

Fall Note Cards

August Card of the Month: Change of Address Card

Summer is peak moving season.  After moving last winter in 8 inches of snow and again this summer, I can definitely see why most people in their right minds choose summer over winter to move!  So just under the wire before summer wraps up, this month’s card of the month is a change of address card.  (It’s also this month’s card because I finally got around to finishing and mailing my change of address cards!)

We chose a light blue background because we liked the color – it’s actually about the same color as our new art room.  So I started with an 8.5″ X 5.5″ piece of light blue card stock folded in half.  I stamped little houses with a Stampin’ Up stamp and colored them brown to match our new house.  I punched them out with a coordinating Stampin’ Up arrow punch.  Then I cut squares out of brown card stock and stamped them with another Stampin’ Up stamp that says “handle with care” to make them look like moving boxes.  I glued the punched out houses peeking out the tops.  I taped a bit of leftover tissue paper from our move to the back of each box.  I attached the whole thing to the front of the card with pop up dots and added a “We’ve moved” printed label.  I then included our new address on the inside.  And the best part is I managed to finish them and get them in the mail before the end of summer!