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Father’s Day Feast

I always feel like dads have an unfair disadvantage when it comes to their very own holiday.  Mother’s Day is in May before school is out, so kids have a chance to make cute projects and gifts for moms at school that have been carefully planned by their teachers.  Then on Mother’s Day itself, everyone takes their moms out to brunch so that the moms don’t have to cook.  No such luck for dads though – Father’s Day is in June when school is out and everyone is too distracted by summer fun to think of a thoughtful gift.

While we do always remember to make a big deal out of Father’s Day in our family, it is a little ironic that it’s the one day a year when my dad cooks the meal – although he wouldn’t have it any other way.  Ever since i was about 7 or 8 years old we have had kabobs on the grill for Father’s Day – and it’s one of everyone’s favorite meals of the year!  Our kabobs are very simple: onions, cherry tomatoes, little red potatoes, and steak.  Since it’s such a special occasion, my mom usually gets some ridiculously good cut of steak like fillet mignon that a butcher would probably be horrified to know was being cut into little cubes and slapped on the grill – but it always makes the kabobs soooooo delicious.  Totally worth the splurge for a special day!  My dad carefully builds the kabobs and then goes out to slave away over the grill to cook them.  When they are ready we gobble them up!  For dessert we have a strawberry pie – a perfect summertime meal with great summertime foods.

Last year was my husband’s first Father’s Day.  I gave him the option of doing the kabobs another time so that he could create his own new Father’s Day traditions.  But he too enjoys our Father’s Day kabobs so much himself now that he wanted to keep our tradition for himself – with one new addition.  He loves to cook and bake, so he decided that he wanted to contribute the rolls for the meal, and he made fantastic Parker house rolls.  Check out the recipe he used at http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/parker-house-rolls-recipe.html.

Father's Day Feast

Father’s Day Feast

So that’s our Father’s Day.  The dads in the family work hard to cook a mouthwatering meal for everyone else.  It hardly seems fair, but that’s what makes them happy, and it is their day after all.  We are certainly a lucky family!