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Mother’s Day Tea… Hoosier Style!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and since my family is outside at the moment working on a top secret Mother’s Day gift, I have a bit of free time to share one of my favorite Mother’s Day ideas with you.  At our school we always hold Mother’s Day Teas.  The moms all come in and visit their children’s classes for some special treats.  The kids and teachers spend weeks preparing for the teas, and I haven’t been able to share anything about them in previous years because of a risk of spoiling the surprise.  However this year, I am in a different classroom so I can safely share about the theme we used in the past.  (Mum’s the word on this year’s theme though until after the big event tomorrow!)

In our old classroom, our thematic unit for May was Indiana.  After all, with the Indy 500 going on, May is Indiana’s time to shine!  As a proud Hoosier, I always had a lot of fun with this theme – especially when it came to planning a Mother’s Day Tea around all things Indiana.  The children made ball point pens topped with peonies (the state flower of Indiana) for their moms.  They put them along with tissue paper peonies they made in Ball jars (yup, also from Indiana).  These were the gifts and the centerpieces for our party.

Peony Gifts

We used napkins we found at Party City with peonies on them as well.  We also had the children make “LOVE” placemats for them and their moms inspired by famous Hoosier Robert Indiana’s iconic “LOVE” artwork.

Mother’s Day Tea Table

The food we served also had something to do with Indiana – chocolate milk, cheese, and yogurt from a local creamery.  We also included popcorn, which of course, is a very big deal in Indiana.

Indiana Mother’s Day Tea

Finally, we had the children sing “Back Home Again in Indiana” for their moms during a special program.

I always absolutely loved this Indiana themed party – I’m sure it could work for any celebration, not just Mother’s Day.  Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Hoosier moms as well as moms everywhere!

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Mother’s Day

So my plan for today’s blog post was going to be to report on our lovely and idyllic Mother’s Day celebration.  And all weekend I have been desperately searching for wonderful things I could write about… Unfortunately, as with the other holidays of 2015 so far (Valentine’s Day – moving to a tiny apartment in the snow while battling germs and sickness all around our family… Easter – rushing to the ER with a surprise nut allergy for our daughter…) things did not go so well.  After our track record in 2015, I should not have been surprised.  Here’s a list of the highlights from our Mother’s Day traditions:

Buying and planting flowers: Oh yeah, we are still in this little apartment sans flower beds.  No flowers for this mommy this year.

Cupcakes from Flying Cupcake: Delicious and beautiful!

Mother's Day Cupcakes from Flying Cupcake

Mother’s Day Cupcakes from Flying Cupcake

Except for the meltdown when leaving the shop with our cupcakes in a box to go because a certain toddler wanted to eat one “right here, right now.”

Mother’s Day Cards:  My husband went to several different Hallmark stores (one of which had closed down unexpectedly) to pick out beautiful and thoughtful cards for me for every day of the weekend!  Not only did our daughter refuse to sign them despite my husband’s constant hushed pleas with her to “draw on Mommy’s cards,” but she was quite perturbed when it became evident that the cards were not for her.  All was made right though when I handed her one of the envelopes after I had opened it and she joyfully tore into it saying, “A card?  For me?!?  It’s what I always wanted!”

Brunch:  Service was terrible – they brought my mom the wrong kind of eggs, and they forgot my dad’s bacon – replacing it with just one broken piece alone on a plate.

Truly a comedy of errors.  However, as I write this and reflect on our day while doing laundry (which from all reports is another time honored Mother’s Day tradition), I must say it was a nice Mother’s Day in the end.  This is so cliche – but so true.  All joking aside, I got all I could ever have hoped for to make my Mother’s Day special when our precious daughter came into the bathroom on her own while I was getting ready for church this morning, and without prompting said, “Happy Mommy’s Day.”  My cup runneth over – even on a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad Mother’s Day.

May Card of the Month: Mother’s Day Card

May’s card of the month is a Mother’s Day card.  I was looking through my card file and found this one I made a long time ago.  It reminded me of some card making techniques I haven’t used in a long time, and now I want to try them again!

I started with a 5 1/2″ X 8 1/2″ piece of pink card stock folded in half.  Then I cut a background sheet out of white card stock and stamped small flowers and shapes all over it.  I added some flower stickers made out of double stick tape and covered them with glitter.  Finally I got a metal edged white tag and stamped a Mother’s Day greeting on it.  I’ll have to check my supply stash to see if I still have some of these supplies – like the double stick tape stickers and the metal edged tags.  I’m sure something similar is available in craft stores these days even if the exact supplies are no longer available.  Even though it’s one of my older cards, I still really like it.  I hope you (and your mom) do too!

May Author of the Month: Mem Fox

It’s hard to believe it’s time for the May Author of the Month  – the last of the school year!  Mem Fox is my pick for May.  Some of her books are geared toward younger kids or babies (and they are wonderful too!) but that’s ok since May is such a busy month and may require a shorter than usual author study.  Her books are so perfect for May because they work well with both Mother’s Day and end of the school year activities.  A word of warning though – some of her books are tearjerkers so practice reading them ahead of time!

For Mother’s Day I like Harriet, You’ll Drive Me Wild and Koala Lou (see my post about the Olympics for more information on Koala Lou) – 2 sweet and funny looks at mother/child relationships.  Harriet, You’ll Drive Me Wild also works well to remind kids about using self control and following classroom rules just when they think they can’t possibly sit still for another minute of school before summer vacation begins.

For more end of the school year activities I like Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge.  It’s all about memories.  Have kids make memory books or write top ten lists about the school year after reading the book.

So there you have it, a whole school year of Author of the Month activities.  I must say, I always felt that doing Author of the Month was one of the most valuable experiences of the school year.  I hope you are able to integrate author studies into your classroom or your home activities in some way.  It’s a great way to inspire new readers to become enthusiastic lifelong readers!

All I Want for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up, so here are some thoughts in case you need ideas for what to get your mother.  What I want most for Mother’s Day is… to be a mommy!  I know lots of moms want to get an escape from the kids and the daily grind and have alone time at a spa to be pampered on Mother’s Day, but that just isn’t me.  I just want to be with the person who made me a mommy.  It may sound strange, but to me Mother’s Day is every bit as much about celebrating our daughter as it is about celebrating being her mommy.  Honestly, all I want to do on Mother’s Day, all I ever dreamed about doing on Mother’s Day during our long wait to become parents, and all I will ever want to do on Mother’s Day is to spend the day basking in the wonder that is our precious daughter and the amazing gift that I am lucky enough to be her mommy.  Being together as a family is the best present I could ever ask for.

Ok, and brunch.  And cupcakes.  And throw in some flowers for good measure.  As long as we get to spend time together with all of those other things added in, I’m happy!

Our newly minted Mother’s Day traditions start with brunch after church for my mom as we have done for many years.  To add my own spin on the celebration when I became a mommy, I decided I wanted to go pick out our annual flowers after our brunch each year.  It works out really well – around here, Mother’s Day is traditionally the day that it’s safe to plant annuals after the threat of frost has passed (although who knows this year after the winter of 2014 that won’t seem to end!).  So going on a flower shopping spree is timed perfectly.  Going home with a trunk full of flowers makes me happy.  It’s the prettiest the trunk looks all year!

Trunk Full of Flowers!

Trunk Full of Flowers!

I ask for a special new flower pot as a gift each year in which to put some of the flowers.  My hope is that in future years our daughter can decorate a flower pot for me herself.

Mother's Day Flower Pot

Mother’s Day Flower Pot

Then we end the day with cupcakes from my favorite cupcake bakery.

So that’s it – my simple Mother’s Day wish: brunch, flowers, cupcakes, and family time.  It’s the best celebration of mommyhood I can imagine!