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Snowman Cheeseball

I found the cutest snowman cheeseball on Pinterest.  I simplified it a bit (even though it was already really simple) and made it for a New Year’s Day lunch with my family.  It was so cute I just had to share.

I used 2 boxes of Philadelphia Cream Cheese.  I rolled each block of cheese into a ball.  Then I rolled both of the balls in shredded mozzarella.  I put a few toothpicks sticking out of the top of the bottom ball for extra support and then placed the other ball on top.  I added a tiny carrot for the nose and peppercorns for the eyes, mouth, and buttons.  So easy and super cute!  Perfect for any type of January or winter party – or just to make an ordinary dinner more fun!

2015 Was Too Much

My blog post is a few days later than usual because we have been in the throes of undecorating after Christmas.  It always makes me a little sad to take down all of our beautiful Christmas stuff, but I’m also always happy to get out the fresh new winter decorations.  I was especially excited to get out the winter stuff this year because we weren’t allowed to put it out last year since our old house was on the market.  It’s hard to believe that just one year ago we were getting ready to sell our house.  Which made me start reflecting on everything that happened in 2015.  And I have come to the conclusion that 2015 was just TOO MUCH.  In our family we had 2 moves (3 if you also count moving my classroom at school the same week we moved to our new house), 1 case of pneumonia, too many cases of stomach flu to count (the most recent occurring on Christmas Eve, of course!), 1 major surgery, 1 broken nose, 1 bad playground injury (ironically for the husband not the kid), 1 anaphylactic  allergic reaction,  daily life with a 3 year old… and a partridge in a pear tree.  Phew.  Even though not everything (like daily life with a 3 year old and getting to live in our new house) was bad stress, even good stress is still tiring.  Like I said – too much.

So needless to say, I am very excited about celebrating the New Year this year.  We have our usual quiet, low key celebration planned to ring in 2016: appetizers and snacks and general assorted junk food and a viewing of When Harry Met Sally (assuming a certain little someone heads to bed early enough) followed by a herculean effort to stay awake until midnight while watching Kathy Griffin embarrass Anderson Cooper.  I can’t wait!  2016 is going to be my year of recovery and relaxation.  It can’t start soon enough!  Happy New Year!

New Year’s Eve at Home

New Year’s Eve is of course a big going out to party night, but I have always been partial to staying in.  First of all, you don’t have to worry about going out and about in the cold and fighting all the crazy traffic.  It’s also nice to put on jammies and be cozy at home all night to ring in the new year.

There are a few staples to our quiet New Year’s Eve at home tradition:

1.  Snacks.  We go to the grocery store and stock up on a bunch of random junk food we would normally never buy.  This year we are most looking forward to trying some chocolate covered potato chips we found at Target!  We also make snacks that we find on Pinterest that we probably wouldn’t bother making any other time of the year.

2.  Cheap noisemakers that only halfway work.  And silly hats.  And streamers.  All of this can be found at the party store and is just waiting for impulse New Year’s Eve shoppers like us to come pick them up.

3.  “When Harry Met Sally.”  One of our favorite movies and perfect for watching on New Year’s Eve.  It’s about New Year’s Eve, is relatively short and fun, and helps kill the time until midnight.  Although if our 2 year old keeps staying up late, this part of our tradition may be put aside for a few years as we don’t really need a 2 year old running around quoting and R-rated movie.  Sadly, “Love Actually” met the same fate and did not get watched this year at Christmas.

4.  Anderson Cooper’s New Year’s Eve show.  It’s always absurd and we love it.  Now if we can just manage to stay awake until the ball drops.  Last year, I did not make it.  We shall see…

Happy 2015!!