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February Author of the Month: Tomie dePaola

My choice for the February Author of the Month is Tomie dePaola.  I like his books for February because they all have themes of families, caring, and love.  He even signs his name with a little heart – perfect for Valentine’s Day month!

I don’t usually do individual activities or projects with his books – simple is best in this case.  This is helpful in the very busy yet very short month of February.  Instead, I like to read them aloud and have children practice making text to self connections and text to text connections.  His books provide lots of great opportunities for using the strategy of making connections with such loving descriptions of his family and childhood memories as well as retellings of familiar and not so familiar folktales.  Every kid can find something relatable in his books.

I also love to end the month with his book “Snip, Snip, Little Lambs,” a cute story about early spring that is a great springboard for a discussion about whether March will come in like a lion or a lamb.

For now though, it looks like more snow is on the way, so curl up with a blanket and a good Tomie dePaola book!